Reference Department

We have a Reference Librarian on staff available to help you.  If you have a question but the Reference Librarian is not available, you can call 245-7686 and leave the question with another staff member who will pass the information on, or e-mail the reference library at with any questions.

Our Reference Room

We offer general printed reference resources such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, as well as electronic resources (databases) for academic research and general interest.

Our Rhode Island Collection provides information about Warren and Rhode Island history. We also have a Preservation Collection for preservation and restoration information.

There are four public computers available in the Reference Room. Each has Internet access, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access programs. The Ocean State Library online catalog can also be accessed from each terminal. 


E-Reference Titles

Newly available are our E-Reference titles, multi-volume reference sets that are available both in printed versions in the reference room and as full-text electronic books online. These titles can be accessed by using the links below and signing in with your George Hail library card number. Call us at the library if you have any problems logging in.

Milestone Documents in American History
Exploring the Primary Sources that Shaped America

inside library
outside library

A unique and innovative approach to history reference. The four-volume set covers more than 130 iconic primary source documents from the Revolutionary era to the present day. Each entry offers the full text of the document in question as well as an in-depth, analytical essay that places the document in its historical context.

Milestone Documents of American Leaders
Exploring the Primary Sources of Notable Americans

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The second title in the groundbreaking Milestone Documents series, this four-volume set offers a unique biographical approach to the study of primary source documents, with entries devoted to a diverse array of key figures from American history. From U.S. presidents and other government figures to influential private citizens, Milestone Documents of American Leaders features important full-text sources written by the people who shaped the nation.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues

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