Friends of the Library

George Hail is always looking for more good friends!

The Friends of the George Hail Library is a small but dedicated group of library patrons who believe in the importance and sustainability of the George Hail Library.

The Friends support the library through dueswhich support the operating budget by helping to purchase museum passes,  library programs, and purchase library materials, that is books, dvds, etc. Membersalso  help out by baking for bake sales, and spreading the word about programs the library is featuring.

A long standing project of the Friends is a lovely canvas tote bag with a drawing of the library done by Warren's Davison Bolster. They also have an adorable smaller bag that is perfect for children!

Presently we are looking for someone who is energetic and enthusiatic to organize the Friends. This would involve mailing the annual dues request, maintaining the  membership list, and perhaps have a meeting of the friends once or twice a year. If you are interested, please call the library and speak to the director, or email her.

  • Membership applications are available at the library or online.