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Library Social Stories

Learn about what happens when you come to the library!

What does the library look like?

The George Hail Free Library is old. It was built in the year 1888. That's over 130 years ago! The outside of the library is made from many pieces of a type of rock called graniteThe architectural style (the building design) is called Romanesque Revival. The same style has been used for many churches, schools, and even castles! The library has three floors. The bottom floor is the Youth Services Room where you can find books, DVDs, games, and fun for ages 0-18. The second floor is the Reading Room, which has all of the books and movies for adults. The top floor of the library has the Charles Whipple Greene Museum, where you can see lots of cool stuff dating back to the Revolutionary War!

The Youth Services Room

The Reading Room 

The Charles Whipple Greene Museum

How do I go inside?

The library has three entrances! The front entrance is on Main Street, the side entrance is on Croade Street, and the back entrance is connected to the parking lot. If you have a hard time using stairs, you should use the entrance on Croade Street. This entrance also leads directly to the Youth Services Room! 

What can I do at the library?

There are lots of fun things to do in the Youth Services Room! You can play with our toys, use our computer that's preloaded with games, or browse our DVDs and books!

What happens at a library program?

Sometimes the library has special events called programs! We have programs that happen every month including storytimes (we read books and sing songs together), LEGO Club (we build with the library's LEGOs), Preschool Science (you'll try out simple science experiments with Miss Michaela), and Pokémon Club (we play Pokémon bingo, make a craft, and look at and/or trade cards). Other times the library will have parties! Parties might include books, but definitely include music, games, crafts, and lots of fun!

Can I take things home from the library?

Yes! If you have a library card, you can borrow books, DVDs, CDs, and Nintendo Switch games! You can borrow books, CDs, and games for three weeks and DVDs for one weekWe also have passes that give free or discounted admission to local museums that you can check out for two days.

check outs.jpg

Can I make noise at the library?

Absolutely! The Youth Services Room is not a quiet zone. It's okay if you want or need to make some noise. We just ask that you please use your indoor voice!

Who do I talk to if I have a question?

There are always librarians and/or library assistants available to help you at the library! They are usually behind the desk, but sometimes are walking around the room. We are happy to help you with anything you need, from telling you where the bathroom is to helping you find the perfect book!

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