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Get a Library Card

The George Hail Library, as a member of the Ocean State Library Consortium and also a Library of Rhode Island member, gives any resident of Rhode Island a library card regardless of age. There is no fee.

In order to apply for a card, you must show a photo ID and have proof of Rhode Island residence. There is an application to be filled out. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian since a signature is required. Proof of residence can be a driver's license, valid passport, mail with your current address on it, utility bill, or lease agreement. If necessary,  The library has postal cards we will mail to you that you can bring to the library when delivered to show proof of address.

Kids and teens can apply for their card in the Donald Medley Children's Room, located on the lower level of the library.

Non-residents who work or pay taxes in Rhode Island may obtain an OSL library card at no charge with proof of current employer or property taxes paid.  However, this limits the card holder to only the materials owned by the George Hail Library. All other non-residents may obtain a statewide OSL library card for an annual fee of $200.

Ocean State Libraries Online Card Application

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Any person who lives in or pays property taxes in Rhode Island is eligible for a free library card that is valid for use at all Rhode Island public libraries.  Simply apply or renew online and indicate the public library that you wish to call your home library.

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