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Hotspots and Kits

Mobile Hotspot Lending Policy:
  • Loan period is 3 weeks (21 days). No renewals allowed.

  • Overdue late fee is $5.00 per day, up to the cost of the device ($100).

  • Patrons must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Patron must have held the card for at least one week before purchasing device.

  • Patrons must present their valid Ocean State Libraries library card and a valid ID to borrow a device.

  • Patrons must be in good standing with the Library: no fines/fees over $10.00 and no overdue items.

  • The device must be returned to a staff member at the George Hail Library during library hours. Device may not be returned in the Book Drop. Device may not be returned to another library.

  • Patrons must wait at least one week between returning a hotspot and checking it out again.

  • All of the hotspot accessories (case, adapter and USB cord) must accompany the device in order for the hotspot to be deemed returned. If all items are not returned with the kit, the kit will remain on the patron's record until all items have been returned.

  • The library will not accept a replacement hotspot or accessories purchased by the patron.

  • Only one hotspot device checked out at a time to any one patron or family.

  • Once the hotspot is one day overdue, the patron will be contacted via phone or email. At that point, the library will remotely terminate the device's wireless internet service.

  • Mobile hotspots will not be sent through statewide delivery to another Ocean State Library.

  • Patrons must sign a user agreement before borrowing a device for the first time.

  • Replacement cost is $75.00 for a lost, damaged or stolen hotspot.

  • Replacement cost is $5.00 for a lost, damaged or stolen power cord or USB plug.

  • Replacement cost is $15.00 for a lost, damaged or stolen storage case.

Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot User Guide

click here to see guide

Birdwatching Kit:

Kit includes a canvas field bag with Tasco 8x42 binoculars with case and instruction manual, and a Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America book.

  • The kit circulates for three weeks, and must be picked up and returned to the George Hail Library.


Take the Internet home with you!

Borrow a WIFI Mobile Hotspot from the Library.  We currently have both Coolpad Surf and Franklin T9 hotspots available.  They both allow up to 10-15 devices to connect to WIFI on Sprint’s 4G LTE network.  Please check with the circulation desk to see if one of the hotspots is available. You can call the library at 245-7686 to check or in the library catalog listing here.

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